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Annual O'neil Sale

Discussion in 'Montreal Sales, Deals & Flyers' started by whenuwish, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. whenuwish New Member

    There is an annual O'neil sale on Devenshire Rd. every year, but this year I have yet to hear anything about it, anyone have any idea when this sale will happen?
  2. meems Elite Member

    It already happened - right before Fathers Day.
  3. whenuwish New Member

    When is the next sale, they usually have one in December. How did you find out about the one in June? Usually, I find out through a friend, but this year he was waiting for the sale as well. Thanks.
  4. meems Elite Member

    I think I'm on the mailing list... If I receive anything, I'll post it here.
  5. whenuwish New Member

    Thanks a lot, I've been to three O'neil sales and each time I pick up more and more stuff. I look forward to the post.
  6. aglaranna Guest

    Saw this on another string, seems the sale is going to take place end of November:

    25-28 November
    8505 Devonshire Road
    *Cash only*

    Have fun!

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  7. aglaranna Guest


    See flier for Fall sale info!

    Happy shopping
  8. whenuwish New Member

    Next O'neill sale is May 5,6,7,and 8, 7am-5pm

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